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Interviewing Professional Surfer, Logan Hayes

Posted by Alex Whittle on

From being a local surf legend in his home state, to taking titles in international contest, Logan Hayes is a name you might want to keep up with… and/or keep out of your girlfriend’s mouth (homies a stud). Contrary to popular belief, this kid is a prime example that the East Coast can in fact, breed absolute rippers. Thanks for letting me pick your brain a little, brother! Alex Whittle: Hey man, tell us a little about yourself. Logan Hayes: “My name is Logan Hayes, I'm 20 years old and I'm a professional surfer from the east coast. I currently live...

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Interviewing Chuck Gainey, Co-Founder of the Carolina Surf Film Festival

Posted by Crew Member on

Shred Season's founder, Liam Becker, was lucky enough to catch up with one of the masterminds behind one of the coolest surfing events in the Carolinas; the Carolina Surf Film Festival.  The festival exhibits surf films from the Carolinas and around the world.  Art, music, food and an eclectic mix of vendors round out an impressive celebration of wave riding.   Liam Becker:  Hey Chuck, tell us a little about yourself. Chuck Gainey:  Hey Liam! I've been surfing most of my life--I moved to Charleston in 1989 from the upstate of South Carolina. I have a 6 year old daughter who...

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Interview with Peter Melhado from Isla Surf School

Posted by William Becker on

Right down the road from our Folly Beach headquarters, our friend Peter is teaching kids and adults how to surf.  He started his own boutique school school called, Isla.  Peter has changed many peoples lives over the years by introducing them to surfing.  Shred Season and schools such as Isla go hand in hand because we are the first 2 steps when getting into surfing; finding a used surfboard and learning the proper technique.  We caught up with Peter and interview him.   Hey Peter, tell us a little about yourself:  Hi guys! I’m a 24 year old entrepreneur here in Charleston, SC....

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