9’5” Dyer Pig Noserider w/ brand new Hydrofoil Fin

Shred Season

Regular price $625.00

Description:  Hand shaped for East Coast wave. Classic pig shape for ideal nose riding. The tail was designed to be extremely thin so the shaper had to trim down the fin box. We had Korey Nolan of Hydrofoil Surf Craft in make a custom fin to complement this board.

* This is a board for an intermediate to experienced surfer. There is no leash plug, but one can be installed. 

Dimensions:  9’5” x 23 1/2” x 2 3/4”

Condition:  Great condition. A couple of minor repairs. Hardly any signs of use on the deck. Water tight and ready for nose riding.

Comes with: Brand new 9.75” single fin (cost $135 for us to have it made for this board).