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East Coast Shaper

My name is David Farina, Shred Season crew member and owner of Farina Handcrafted Surfboards in St. Augustine Florida. I have been building surfboards on the East Coast for over 25 years and it has been a great honor to partner with Shred Season to make individualized shapes for our customers. Should it be one of our stock models, a modified model to suit your size and skill level or a concept you've been visualizing, we take pride in building you a magic board. Our boards are made entirely in the USA from first quality materials. 

Boards and Process

At Shred Season we start with blanks from Millennium or US depending on the design. For our Epoxy boards, the EPS is 2lb foam made by Marko also here in the USA, so you can be rest assured that you are getting the best surfboard cores on the market. Boards are laminated with Hexcel cloth, Silmar resins or Resin Research Epoxies. We offer Fin Systems from FCS and Future.

Look over our models and descriptions, once you have decided on a design, David will be in touch to determine what changes we need to make so that the model is catered to your size, weight and ability. Unlike competitors that want you to fit into their mold, we mold the board to you.

If our stock models along with their modifications are still not what your looking for don't worry, lets talk and design your board entirely from scratch. Being a hand shaper and having access to the latest CNC technology gives us the tools we need to get your board built RIGHT!   

The prices listed below are starting base-prices.  We can do every imaginable color configuration, glassing schedule, and shaping extras can be added on so let your mind run wild but CALL US FOR AN EXACT PRICE QUOTE.


This design is much older than certain companies would like you to believe. The blunted nose, lower rocker and added volume has evolved over the years to become what it is today and that is an excellent alternative to the traditional fish in smaller wave conditions. This design catches waves easily and works well in head high and under surf, great for either mushy onshore days, or glassy lined up tropical swells, you are guaranteed to have fun on this board. It comes with a standard tri fin set up, and double concave bottom available in sizes 5'2 - 5'10 and recommended for the intermediate to advanced surfer.

 The Shred Season Mini Simmons

The mini Simmons is a classic design and works very well in our East Coast surf, great for those clean mornings when the wind is still offshore. This design performs very well in 1 - 3 ft. surf and can turn those gutless days into dream sessions. With plenty of volume, low entry rocker and a wide outline, catching waves will be a breeze. It comes as a standard twin fin set up in sizes 5 - 5'8 recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers

The Performer Short

This is our shortboard model in the performer series, obviously designed to for high performance surfing in waves 3-6 feet. As with most of these types of boards, regardless of brand, it takes an advanced surfer or quality wave to make this board reach it's full potential. The board comes as a standard tri fin set up, single to double concave bottom and elevated rockers to increase maneuverability. It is available in sizes 5'6- 6'2 and recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers under 180lbs.

The Secret Weapon

This model is what we consider to be an East Coast shortboard. The entry rocker is relaxed while the tail is kicked up a bit to allow the board to release easier when coming off the top. The outline is fuller and more volume has been added to this shortboard so that it will work better in our conditions. It comes as a tri fin with single to double concave bottom contour and recommended for waves 2' and up to classic hurricane swells available in sizes 5'6 - 6' and recommended for beginners to advanced surfers.

The Fish

This model is our classic fish design. This board is an excellent choice for East Coast waves and a must have in any surfer's board rack. The full forward outline and decreased rockers allow the board to plane over flat sections and make mushy waves seem like epic days. It comes as a tri fin set up with flat to vee bottom contour and swallow tail design. Available in sizes 5' - 5'8 and recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers.

The Grouper and The Gloiath

These models are our larger fish designs catered to the bigger surfer and beginners that don't want to start out on a funshape or longboard. The concept is the same as our standard fish design and that is to help you have fun in our typical East Coast conditions. Both the Grouper and the Goliath come set up as tri fins with flat to vee bottom contour for planing speed and maneuverability.

The grouper is available in sizes 5'9 - 6'4 and recommended for intermediate (175lbs +)  to advanced surfers or for younger beginners that need an easier board to carry.

The Goliath is our largest fish and comes in sizes 6'4 -6'10 and recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers (200lbs and up)

The Heavyweight

The Heavyweight is our big guy short board, designed with performance in mind and catered to the bigger surfer that wants maneuverability of a shortboard but needs the extra volume. With progressive rockers, single to double concave bottom contour and tri fin set up this board is great for surfers 190lbs and up and 3' -6' East Coast surf. Comes in sizes 6' to 6'8

The Performer Fun

Traditional funboards were designed with the beginner in mind and while we held onto this concept we decided to increase the "fun" part. While this design is great for beginners, intermediate surfers looking to progress and advanced surfers will love the increased maneuverability of this design. Combining performance rockers with single to double concave bottom contour this board will have you maximizing the wave's potential on every turn. Available in sizes 7' - 7'10 recommended for all levels of surfing ability and can be catered to any body type.

 The Mini Long

As the name suggests this is a scaled down version of our performer longboard. The board is designed for maneuverability while still allowing you to catch waves easily. The scaled down length makes it easier to transport while still retaining all the fun a longboard provides. Great for any size surfer from intermediate to advanced skill level, recommended in any size surf and comes in sizes 8' - 8'10. Comes standard with a center box set up and side bite plugs.

The Performer Long

This design is near and dear to my heart, as a shortboarder that realizes the need for a longboard here on the East Coast I personally designed this to maneuver all over the face of the wave. With progressive rockers and a single to Vee bottom contour and performance rails this board is not your classic log. Don't expect to be nose riding on this shape very easily however if progressive longboarding is your style then you will love this design. Recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers in any size surf. Comes with a box center and side bite plugs so it can be surfed as a trifin, single box or dare I say, Twin fin freestyle.

The Plank

This is our classic nose rider model. This design is catered toward the traditional longboard surfer that knows how to "dance" and walk the board in the classic style. With lower rockers and softer rails this board will give you the hang time you desire. Comes standard 60/40 rail but 50/50 option is available and recommended for more advanced surfers. Works great in any size surf here on the East Coast but especially those glassy mornings we see in the summer. Available in Sizes 9'2- 9'8

Shaping configurations, fin set ups, Colorwork and Resin Tint examples below. These are not included in the base price, but we can do em' so lets get creative.





  • Up to  -   6'11"          $500
  • 7'0"    -   8'0"            $550
  • 8'1"    -   8'6"            $600
  • 8' 7"   -   9'0"            $650
  • 9'1"    -   9'4"               $720
  • 9'5"    -   9'8"              $750

Add Ons (Optional)

  • Wooden tail block       $10
  • Epoxy board               $30 - $65
  • Glass on fins              $30
  • One color pin line         $15
  • Resign tint/ side           $45
  • High gloss polish          $100
  • Additional fin boxes     $15

Local Pick-Up

  • St Augustine, FL       Free
  • Savannah, GA            $25
  • Charleston, SC          $25


  • 5’10” & Under           $90
  • 5’11” – 6’11”              $115
  • 7’0” – 7’11”               $135
  • 8’0” – 8’11”               $179
  • 9’1”  – 9’2”               $199


  • Please allow 5-6 weeks for local pick up, or 3-5 weeks for shipping.  
  • We ask for a non-refundable $200 deposit before we begin shaping. The remaining balance is due before the board is picked up or shipped.  


  • For questions and quotes, please email, call or text Liam.
  • (603)401-6188

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