153cm Rossignol Sublime

Shred Season

Regular price $170.00

DESCRIPTION:  Great woman's snowboard for a beginner or intermediate rider.  All you need is boots and you can hit the slopes.  

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION:  The Rossignol Sublime Snowboard has a women's specific shape with all the features you need and gives the ladies something more than a gender-neutral product that doesn't fit their needs. The Rossignol Sublime Snowboard will respond in every condition. Fueled by a durable cap structure and wood core technology that matches up to other higher priced decks, you'll look like a pro with the Rossignol Sublime Snowboard!

COMES WITH:  Bindings that are in great shape.

SIZE:  153cm.

CONDITION:  Great condition.  No major damage, except for the middle of the "o" on the bottom of the board.  It won't affect performance much at all, as it is not very deep.  This would be a cheap repair at a ski/ snowboard shop.