5' 11" Channel Islands T-Low

Shred Season

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Shaper Description: R&D on the T-Low began with Tanner Gudauskas seeking a lower rockered shortboard and has resulted in an ultra-forgiving all-around performance board. The plan shape of the T-Low takes a different path than the extreme curves in the DFR and Proton by utilizing medium entry and low exit rockers. T-Low bottom contours combine single concave at the 12” mark to flat exit through the back fin. The rails are tapered so consider riding this board 1/16” thicker than your DFR, Rubble, Proton, Rookie, etc. The T-Low has proven to be a unique design, being user friendly and still meeting World Tour requirements as evident by Tanner’s surfing and Dane Reynolds riding a T-Low prototype to a 2012 CT final in France. Tanner says, “If you could take one board on a trip this would be it.”

Shaper: Channel Island surfboards out of Santa Barbara, CA
Rider: Intermediate - advanced
Wave height: 1ft-6ft
Fin boxes: Future thruster
Comes with: Future fins & Creature traction pad
Needs: Leash 

Dimensions: 5’ 11” x 18 5/8” x 2 5/16” 26.7L
Condition: The board is in well used condition. It has quite a few repairs including the nose, tail, deck, and bottom. You can see some pressure cracks in the glass on the bottom, all have been fiberglassed over to reinforce these areas. All repairs were professionally done. They're guaranteed for water tightness and craftsmanship as long as you own the board. Still plenty of life left in this board.