5' 11" Inspired Black Dart Hybrid

Shred Season

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Description: A hybrid between a groveler and a high performance short board. Low-moderate entry rocker with low tail rocker. Single concave starting from the nose and continuing all the way to the back fin, then flat off the tip of the tail. 

BlackDart surfboard construction is a trademarked surfboard manufacturing technology. Developed by Florida based, epoxy composite mastermind, Drew Bagget of Inspired surfboards.  …Lost Surfboards worked with Drew to fine tune and then license the technology.  Similar to C3-Tech, the BlackDarts are built with a virgin 1.5b, stringer-less eps core. The most striking feature is a full deck wrapped with our custom woven, Carbon/S-glass hybrid “BlackDart” material. All of the carbon fibers run uni-directional, only nose to tail, with S-Glass fibers running, cross wise (rail to rail).  Unlike traditional bi-driectional Carbon weaves, this material (and thus board) that is far less stiff, much more forgiving, and even less prone to snapping and buckling, than boards built with traditional bi-directional Carbon fiber fabrics. The boards still maintain the quick reaction, highly responsible, memory benefits of Carbon Fiber, with out the issues associated with Bi-Driectional carbon weaves.. A second benefit to the hybrid cloth, is the ability to net beautiful color combinations using tints and pigments, which reacted well with the S-Glass fibers and contrast with the Carbon.

The Carbon covers the entire deck and fully wraps around the rail, but not out onto the bottom. this also keeps the boards from becoming too stiff, and only a light 4oz cover cloth wraps out onto the bottom deck. The bottom of the boards feature two full layers of 4oz cloth , to keep the board strong and day to day dent resistant.

Shaper: Drew Baggett of Inspired Surfboards out of Jacksonville, FL
Rider: Intermediate-advanced
Wave height: 2ft-6ft+
Fin boxes: 5 Future boxes
Comes with: Future fins & Lost traction pad
Needs: Leash 

Dimensions: 5’ 11” x 18 7/8” x 2 3/8”
Condition: The board is in great condition. It has barely been ridden. That being said it did have a small buckle on the bottom that has been re-enforced with carbon fiber and 6oz fiberglass. Re-enforcement's were applied to the bottom and rails to ensure structural integrity.  Other than that only a handful of tiny, mild pressure dents. Light scratches on rails and a couple minor ding repairs that were done professionally.