5' 5" JS 107

Shred Season

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Description:The 107 is your go-to board for waves up to 3ft. A favorite among JS team riders.

The template of the 107 is short, wide and thick that holds loads of volume. The nose is wider and fuller which helps the board to paddle like an absolute steam boat and travel through flat sections maintaining huge amounts of speed. The tail has been designed with a straighter hip that leaves more rail in the face of the wave generating greater down the line speed. This then leads into the squash tail that provides the board with responsiveness and more speed through weaker sections.
Shaper: JS surfboards out of Australia
Wave height: Ideal for around 1ft to 3ft waves
Fin boxes: FCS II fin boxes
Comes with: Traction pad (great condition)
- Leash
- Fins
Dimensions: 5’ 5” 19 7/8 ” 2 3/8” 28.1L
Condition: The board is in great condition. It has had a few very minor repairs including small spot on tail and a few other barely noticeable spots around the board. All repairs were professionally done, guaranteed for craftsmanship for the life of the board, and the board is completely water tight. The board has some pressure dings which is normal for a used board.