5' 6" Farina High Performance Fish

Shred Season

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Description: This modernized performance fish Features a narrow tail and nose template, which is responsive and playful in the pocket, encouraging tight radius carving. Its performance "magic" based on the tail being similar in width to high performance modern shortboards. The outline has a good amount of width and balanced with its short length and flat-ish rocker makes for truly unique ride. A high performance hybrid that paddles well and glides across flat faced, sloppy, small junk surf, as well as perform radical, on rail, precise high speed surfing in real waves. Revamped for modern surfing, this board has modern, relaxed rocker, double concave bottom, and a nice, over-all foil. This board also features a couple purposely placed wings to make it turn on a dime. The board has flat bottom in the nose that contours to a double concave in the back. The flat entry is fast enough and forgiving enough for surfers of all skills. The double concave bottom produces lift and directs the flow of water under your board, allowing you to sit more on top of the wave. This phenomenon is what gives some riders a sense “bite” or added hold in steep faces or hard turns. With a nice down rail, you can have lots of control on good days, helping to keep the rail in the water.  

Shaper: Shred Season’s own David Farina out of St. Augustine, FL

Fin boxes: FCS II fin boxes

    Wave height: 2ft to head-high(5-6ft)


    • Leash
    • Fins
    • Stomp pad (if you want one)

    Dimensions: 5’ 6”x 13.5”x 19.5”x 15.75”x 2.5”  29L

    Condition: The board is in great condition. It has a few pressure dings on the deck which is normal for a used board. Does not have any repairs or dings anywhere.