5' 7" Ambrose bat tail quad

Shred Season

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Description: A very unique novelty board hand shaped by Shawn Ambrose. The board is constructed with EPS foam, double stringers about 2 1/2” from the rail on either side, quad fins, bat tail, and glassed with epoxy resin. The EPS foam is lighter and has more float than its PU counterpart. It has a thick glass job which makes the board feel slightly heavier than you would think. The weight will help give you some speed down the line and the quad setup will help you make the section on those mushier days.

Shaper: Ambrose surfboards out of Oceanside, California.

Wave height: Ideal for around 1ft to over-head surf

    Fin boxes: Lok Box fiberglass fins

      Comes with:

      • Fins
      • Traction pad

      Needs: Leash

        Dimensions: 5’ 7”x 19.3”x 2.25” 

        Condition: The board is in good condition. As with a lot of epoxy resined boards there are some places on the board where you can see the fiber matrix from the cloth because of how many layers of cloth were used in the construction you don’t have anything to worry about it. This happens because fiber glass cloth doesn’t absorb epoxy resin as well as polyester resin. There have been three repairs and one spot on the rail that was re-glassed. All repairs were professionally done and guaranteed for craftsmanship as long as you own the board. The board does have some pressure dings but are normal for used boards. Has a circle fade spot where a sticker was.