5' 8" JS Blak Box

Shred Season

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Description: BLAK BOX2 performs best in waves that are fat and crumbly but goes equally well when its clean and hollow. BLAK BOX2 is fast, manoeuvrable and super rippable! BLAK BOX2 is perfect in average conditions when most high performance boards are struggling. BLAK BOX 2 round tail has all the same legendary elements that make up the original Squash Tail as well as some added versatility through an alternative tail shape and 5 fin set-up. BB2 squash already exceeded peoples expectations in a wide range of conditions some times pushing people to surf it beyond its intended use. For this reason we wanted to expand these limits. Round tails offer “all-round” performance in the pocket or tighter part of the wave. Set up as a quad you’ll get projection down steeper, faster waves, around a mushy close out section or extra hold in the tube with more speed and manoeuverability than you ever felt before.

Shaper: JS surfboards out of Australia
Wave height: Ideal for around 1ft to 4ft waves
Fin boxes: FCS II fin boxes
Comes with: Dakine traction pad
- Leash
- Fins
Dimensions: 5’ 8” 19 1/2 ” 2 1/4” 26.8L
Condition: The board is in great condition. It has had some repairs including the tail, fin box, spot on the rail, and a spot on the deck. All repairs were professionally done and the board is completely water tight. The board has some pressure dings which is normal for a used board.