5' 8" Mystic groveler

Shred Season

Regular price $350.00

Description: Designed with East Coast waves in mind. This shape is equipped with low nose & tail rocker and extra width & thickness through out, to ensure easy wave catch-ability. Great all around board for most conditions. If you enjoy being able to get into a wave easily and early this is the shape for you. 

Shaper: Jim Dunlop of Mystic surfboards located in Jacksonville, FL
Rider: Intermediate & up
Wave height: 2ft+
Fin boxes: FCS thruster
Needs: Leash

Comes with: Channel Island fiberglass fins

Dimensions: 5’ 8” x 20 3/4” x 2 5/8”
Condition: The board is in almost new condition. Does not appear to have been rode very much. Extremely minimal, very light pressure dents on the deck where you stand but very few. Has NOT had any repairs and does NOT need any. This board is guaranteed to be watertight.