5'10 DeadLogs Fish

Shred Season

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Description:  Shaped out of James Island this board is based off your classic/retro fish outline. Short, wide, thick, flat rocker, and swallow tail.  It's fast, stable, easy to paddle, and super versatile for a variety of surfers and their skill level.  Disclaimer, this was one of the first boards he shaped so there are air bubbles in the glass job, also the fin boxes are sticking out a little bit.  This board would be great for someone who wants a real cheap shorter board wave catcher.  The weight is a little heavier than most boards of similar size however, that will only help the ride catch waves easier.  

Shaper: Dead Logs out of James Island South Carolina
Rider: Beginner-Advanced
Wave height: 2ft - 6ft (Knee- head high)
Fin boxes: Twin
Needs: Leash & Fins

Dimensions: 5'10x22x2 1/2
Condition: This board is fairly used.  It is watertight however, there are a fair amount of pressure dents and air bubbles are visible on board.