5'9" Sharp Eye SB-XF

Shred Season

Regular price $150.00

DESCRIPTION:  Very high performance shortboard.  Made for speed, agility, maneuverability and boosting airs.  Recommended for an experienced surfer.  Fins sold separately.  FCS II fin boxes.  

SHAPERS DESCRIPTION:  "The SB-X by Sharp Eye is the first design of the "X" series. The low nose entry rocker, high tail exit, forward thickness, flatter deck and deeper triple concave are the main features for this board. Designed for experienced surfers that like to drive off the back foot and go vertical.  The SB-XF has the same rocker and foil as the SB-X without the deep concave. The result is an extremely loose board that turns on a dime."

COMES WITH:  Traction pad.  

DIMENSIONS:  5'9" x 18.4" x 2.25"

CONDITION:  Good condition.  Good amount of pressure marks on the deck from normal use.  Several repairs, all of which have been professionally done.  On the deck towards the rail, that's he biggest repair.  Small repair on the deck.  A few on the bottom.  Restored, sealed up and ready to shred!