5'6 Pyzel John John Super Grom 2 - TL2

Shred Season

Regular price $275.00

Description: A 5'6 grom shortboard shaped out of Hawaii, this board is recommend for a kid under 120lbs or for a more experienced rider.  Solid construction, this board would be great for a kid who already has the basics down and wants to catch and ride some bigger waves.  Great choice for a kids board without having to spend a lot of  money!

This board is designed for total high-performance surfing in all conditions and sizes and made especially to help let kids look more powerful than their weight (or lack of) allows. We have tailored the rocker (a lot of curve), outline and thickness flow to allow groms to get the most out of their surfing while still making it look good.

Not really a beginner's board, if you are looking for help to get to the next level in grom surfing, this board will help elevate your surfing and let you push boundaries.”

Dimensions: 5'6" x 17 1/8" x 2 1/8"

Comes With: Fins and traction pad 

Condition:  Looks brand new