5'7" JS - Prodigy

Shred Season

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DESCRIPTION:  Used high performance shortboard.  Recommended for an advanced surfer.  Great practice board you won't feel too bad about breaking!  Fins not included.

SHAPERS DESCRIPTION:  "Based on the incredible success of models Blak Box, King Pin, Konfusion and Mystery, the “Prodigy” model is the newly born evolution from JS. This is where we see some elements taken from our best performing small wave models combined with pro model refinements throughout. The Prodigy is designed for the serious surfer looking for a flatter bottom rocker, more outline curve and pro model based rail volume from nose to tail. Ride the Prodigy “5 fin” design with the brand new rounded pin tail temp from JS “2 inches” shorter than normal.“3 inches” shorter for Pros."

COMES WITH:  Traction pad.  

DIMENSIONS:  5'7" x 18 1/2" x 2 1/8"

CONDITION:  Good condition.  Lot's of pressure marks on the deck, but no cracks, showing that the glass can flex rather than break.  2 small hairline cracks on a rail (see video for closeups).