5'8 Al Merrick "Motor Boat"

Shred Season

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Description: From Shapers website: "In 2010 we wanted to bridge the gap between the Biscuit and Gravy, and the Motorboat did that. Low entry rocker along with single to double concave with vee make this board really motor. Super fast and fun in flat faced waves, the Motorboat blends performance and volume into the ideal small to medium wave performance board. Ride this board shorter than you are tall."

This board with its low entry rocker and wide outline allows a rider to get in waves fast and easy.  Would be a great small wave shortboard, as the squash tail could really allow this board to cut deeply and make sharp maneuvers!  Would be a great option for someone looking to get their first shortboard or for someone looking to get a cheap extra shortboard to add to their quiver.  Would recommend for Folly Beach waves    

Shaper: Channel Islands
Rider: Beginner and Intermediate
Wave height: 2ft - 6ft (thigh- head high)
Fin boxes: Thruster
Needs: New Shred Season fins & traction pad

Dimensions:   5'8 X 19 3/4" x 2 1/2"
Condition: This board is in used condition. Big repair on deck as well as one on rail, however the repairs on board are very strong and will not effect the way the board rides!   There are a fair amount of pressure dents as well, but again this board still has life in it and the dents are not in areas that will effect performance.