5'8 Boneyard Fish

Shred Season

Regular price $400.00

Description:  Short, wide, thick, flat rocker, and swallow tail a classic retro fish outline.  It's fast, stable, easy to paddle, and super versatile for a variety of surfers and their skill level.  Has the maneuverability of a shortboard with the wave catching ability of a log.  This board would be great for someone looking to progress to a shorter board, or someone looking for more fun on a smaller day.   This board can be ridden as a twin or quad, the twin set up will make the board feel looser while the quad will provide tighter turns.  This board is heavily glassed and feels heavier than an average 5'8 however, this will improve durability and paddling power!

Shaper: Boneyard Surfboards
Rider: Beginner-Advanced
Wave height: 2ft - 6ft (Knee- head high)
Fin boxes: Quad

Comes With: Keel Fins & Leash

Dimensions: 5'8 X 21 1/2" X 2 3/4"  
Condition: This board is in pretty good condition.  It has had a couple repairs including on the tail, deck, and at various other locations.  However, the board is watertight and due to heavier glassing schedule still has a lot of life!