5'8 California Board Company Fish

Shred Season

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This foam, soft top surfboard has a 100% waterproof foam core and a polyethylene slick bottom which allows it to glide on waves with ease.  

This lightweight foam surfboard has a fish tail and sturdy rails for the control and speed you're craving and comes with 3 easy to install and remove surf fins. This board is best suited for either a very small rider just learning how to surf or a bigger more advanced rider. The weight capacity is up to 160 lbs. but that may vary depending on skill level. The heavier the rider, the more skilled he or she would need to be to float and maneuver a small board like this.

Shaper: California Board Company

Rider: Beginner to Intermediate

Wave Height: Ankle - Waist high

Comes With: Fins

Needs: Leash

Dimensions: 5'8" X 22" X 2.75"

Condition:  This board is in great condition!  A couple minor dirt marks on bottom probably from lying in garage or sand, and a couple small divots on tail commonly found in used soft tops.  However, the board is 100% water tight and ready to take out on the water!