5'8 Fish

Shred Season

Regular price $300.00

Description:  Based off your classic/retro fish outline. Short, wide, thick, flat rocker, and swallow tail with a few tweaks.  It's fast, stable, easy to paddle, and super versatile for a variety of surfers and their skill level.  This board would be great for someone who wants to catch a bunch of waves and improve their shortboard surfing on smaller days.  The swallow tail is deep enough to produce very flowy cutbacks and the low rocker will give this board the speed it needs on smaller summer days.

Shaper: Dangerous Beanz Innovations
Rider: Beginner-Advanced
Wave height: 2ft - 6ft (Knee- head high)
Fin boxes: Quad

Comes With: Twin Fin setup
Needs: Leash

Dimensions: 5'8 x 19 5/8" x 2 3/8"
Condition: This board is fairly used.  It is watertight however, there are a fair amount of pressure dents and repaired spots from previous owner.  Some of the repairs could use a little more sanding, but overall will not effect performance.  Also a couple spider cracks but again still not absorbing water