5'8 Lost Rad Ripper

Shred Season

Regular price $600.00

Description:  A fun, fast but also forgiving shortboard which looks suitable for a intermediate surfer or someone trying out their first shortboard.  A couple characteristics include lower entry rocker, something very necessary for small wave shortboards as it helps with paddle speed, wave catching, and glide.  A double concave out the tail which gives it that speed and drive to perform maneuvers.  Finally a wide squash tail which will give the board more glide in small gutless surf.  A great folly beach option for someone a little lighter!

Dimensions:   5'8 x 19.5" x 2.35" 29.3L

Comes With: Dave Rastovich Quad fin set up and traction pad.  

Condition:  Great condition!  Almost brand new, subtle signs of use.