5'8 Rhino

Shred Season

Regular price $280.00

DESCRIPTION:  Very nicely shaped epoxy shortboard.  Great small wave, mush crusher surfboard.  Has a wider squash tail for more prolonged turning radius and to help board hold through sloppy waves.  Lower rocker profile, and very light!  Great option for surfers of all levels.  

COMES WITH:  Traction pad- in great condition.  Shred Season thruster fins.  

DIMENSIONS:  5'8" x 15" x 17.5" x 14.25 x 2 5'8"

CONDITION:  Ok condition.  A lot of spider cracks (cracks in outer layer of fiberglass) that are watertight however something to watch if you consistently surf this board.  Also a good deal of pressure dents on both deck and bottom of board.   Water tight however and ready to shred!