5'9" Roberts MM16

Shred Season

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DESCRIPTION:  High performance shortboard.  Recommended for an advanced surfer under 145lbs, or as a wall hanger.  Has FCS-II fin boxes but fins are sold separately.  

SHAPERS DESCRIPTION:  "This board was designed with Matt McCabe to complement his quick spontaneous style.  This is a hi-performance shortboard for all around conditions. Everything from barrels to big airs!  Low tail rocker for speed with a fair amount of nose rocker for forgiveness and recovery in maneuvers.  Medium Rail with a boxy feel, soft edges in the front and hard edges in the tail.  Excels in 2 to 8 foot faces."

DIMENSIONS:  5'9" x 

CONDITION:  Small repair on deck.  Lots of normal pressure marks on the deck.  Several repairs on the bottom side of the board.  See video for closeups.  Sealed up, water tight and ready for waves!