5'9 Savage MushBurger

Shred Season

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Description:  High Performance shortboard board designed for small to medium waves with the east coast in mind.  Pretty typical shortboard bottom contours, flat in the nose, single through the middle blending into double around the fins and a vee out the tail.  The flat section will help with your paddling, the single will create lift and control, keeping you on top of the wave.  The double concave around your fins will redirect the flow of water through your tail and around your fins which also helps create some lift and control when you are surfing off your back foot. Finally, the Vee right out the back of the board will add to your control and allow you to snap from rail to rail a little easier.  Overall this looks like a very fun east coast small wave shortboard for an intermediate - advanced rider.

Shaper: Shawn O'Donnell out of Wilmington, NC
Rider: Intermediate-Advanced
Wave height: 2ft - 6ft (Knee- head high)
Fin boxes: Thruster
Comes With: Fins & Traction pad

Dimensions:   5'9" x 19" x 2 3/8  27.5L
Condition: This board is in slightly used condition.  Very slight pressure dents on deck and back of nose. A couple small repairs needed but nothing bad.  Overall this board is in great condition and still has a whole bunch of waves left in it!