6’6 Egg Midlength

Shred Season

Regular price $450.00

Description:. Hand shaped in San Diego, this egg outline gives a rider a great middle ground between a longboard and short board.  Egg shapes have grown a lot in popularity due to their stability of a longboard and maneuverability of a short board, and rightfully so! Best for a beginner of intermediate surfer looking to hone in there skills, the high surface area and softer rails of this board will make it easy to stabilize and fun to progress on, as it can also whip around exceptionally easier than a longer board. Not specifically made for beginners, intermediate surfers can enjoy this board as well as it is made to have the utmost amount of fun in the water and would be a great option on smaller days. Overall great option and I would recommend riding it with a 6” single fin and some 3.25” side bites for maximum drive or just a 7” single fin if your looking to cruise!

Dimensions: 6’6” x 21” x 2 5/8”

Needs:  Find and leash


Condition: Overall good condition. The classic pressure dents in used boards, and smaller exterior cracks but nothing bad enough to break the surface and reach the foam.  Still a lot of life left in this board and would be a great option for someone looking to get their first mid length for a lesser price!