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6' 6" Lost V2 Rocket

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Description: Great short board for anyone looking to transition from a longboard to a shorter board. This board has a deceivingly large amount foam which makes it extremely buoyant and easy to pop up on. Lost are known for the amazing quality of their boards and how well they ride. This particular board comes with the carbon fiber wrapped tail.

Manufacture Description: Overall a easier board to ride for an average surfer in sub-par waves. it has more down the line drive and a bit less skateboard kick tail feel.

The Rocket was one of the most popular boards around the world in the last 5 years…one of the most well known and knocked off surfboard models in recent memory. It obviously has merit and worked well for thousands of surfers, but there is always room for improvement. I used the feedback from the average joe to update and refine what was not broken.

Waves: 2-5ft

Rider: Intermediate-advanced

Comes with:

  • FCS fins
  • FCS traction pad

 Dimensions: 6'6"x 22"x 2.88"  45.98L

 Condition: The board is in good condition. Lots of minor pressure dings on deck and bottom but nothing that will affect the performance. The nose, one part on the rail, spot on bottom, and small spot on tail have all been professionally repaired. All repairs are sanded down, very smooth, and guaranteed for craftsmanship as long as you own the board.. Though it has some mild cosmetic flaws this board is completely water tight and ready to ride.