6' 8" McKevlins TS

Shred Season

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Description: Designed to ride Charleston waves. This shape is equipped with low nose & tail rocker and extra width & thickness through out, to ensure easy wave catch-ability. Vee and slight double concave in the nose that continues through the length of the board which gets more pronounced the closer you get to the tail. The "vee" contour helps with rail to rail transition while pumping down the line and making turns. 

Don't let the length fool you, lots of volume in this board. Would be great for a larger rider on a chest high day, someone wanting plenty of volume to get you into waves easier when we have decent waves, or those less than 175lbs wanting to ride a shorter board on those smaller days.

Shaper: Todd Sutz of McKevlin's Surfboards Folly Beach, SC
Rider: Moderate beginner & up
Wave height: 2ft-6ft
Fin boxes: Future thruster
Needs: Leash

Comes with: McKevlin's future fins

Dimensions: 6’ 8” x 20 5/8” x 2 5/8”
Condition: The board is in great condition. Bottom is almost perfect condition minus a couple of quarter size dents. Deck has some mild pressure dents for normal surf usage, nothing out of the ordinary for a great condition used board. A couple very small repairs on the rail.