6’ Mini-Goliath Fish

Shred Season

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DESCRIPTION:  The fish design is great for small waves but not all fishes are created equal. With low rockers and unique fin dynamics our fish designs are created to give you that little extra that many of our counterparts on other coasts and continents do not have to consider. Ours are designed for true small east coast surf but can be ridden in anything the east coast has to offer.

Fish surfboards or swallowtail surfboards refer to the tail setup of the surfboard. The fish surfboard is also highly capable at catching waves in small wave situations because of the wide template at the tail. There's more planing surface to keep you afloat.  

Hand-shaped for a variety of east coast waves by David Farina.

DIMENSIONS:  6’0” x 17" x 21 1/2" x 16" x 3"