6' Quad Retro fish

6' Quad Retro fish

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Description: A traditional retro fish shape that is made for cruising smaller, mushier surf. It has solid rocker for easier entry into the wave and wider in the nose which gives it more paddle power. Single to double concave through the tail for added forward drive down the line.  

Shaper: Hand shaped fish

Waves: 1ft- head-high 

Rider: Intermediate-advanced

Comes with: Shred Season quad fins

Fin boxes: FCS quad fin setup

Needs: Leash

Dimensions: 6'0"x 21.25"x 2.5”

Condition: This board has been restored. Part of the deck on the back of the board had some delam that has been professionally repaired. Green and white filler were swirled together to try and match the resin swirl that was preexisting. There have been a few other repairs that were all done with colored filler and re-fiberglassed. All repairs are smooth and professional. Some pressure dings, scratches, and a small soft spot on the deck but the board is water tight, plenty of life left in this fish, all repairs are guaranteed for craftsmanship for the life of the board.