6'2 Xanadu Step Up

Shred Season

Regular price $450.00

Description:  Shaped out of San Diego, Ca, this board is a great high performance step up ideal for a rider looking to take a board traveling or the bigger days around South Carolina.  This board was meant to be a high performance shortboard still able to hold in the most critical sections.   Meant for days where you need a little more than a shortboard but its not gnarly enough to ride a gun.  This board would be super stable as it is meant to be ridden in steeper waves, and would be insane in shoulder high and above waves!

Dimensions: 6'2" x 19 1/2" x 2.44" 30.5L


Condition:  Solid condition as no repairs were done or needed on this board.  A good amount of pressure dents on the deck from a heavy foot, but would not hinder performance in any way.  As said earlier this would be the go to travel board for someone searching for some slabs!