6'6 Gary Wilson Vextail Fish

Shred Season

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Description: Somewhat resembles a mini simmons with a more performance based nose, this board looks like it could turn on a dime, fly down the line, and hold in steeper sections while being an absolute blast in tiny choppy waves.  Features include deep double concave out tail to improve drive, 46 liters to help you catch small waves, and square tail for quick sharp maneuvers.  Has a 5 fin setup with center being a single fin, and board comes with all five fins.  Would be fun for a rider to experiment with what setup they like the most (single, 2+1, twin, quad, or throw all five on cause why not)!   


Shaper: Gary Wilson out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Rider: Beginner-Advanced
Wave height: 2ft - 6ft (Knee- head high)
Fin boxes: 5 fin 
Needs: Leash 


Dimensions: 6'6 X 21 1/4" X 2 9/16"  46.2Liters
Condition: This board is almost brand new!  Has a couple of pressure dings on deck however, nothing too major.  No significant repairs have been made, as none are needed.  Still a whole bunch of life left on this board!