7' 10" KGB mid-length

Shred Season

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Description: This shaped is equipped with a wide nose, extra width and thickness through out, to ensure that it catches waves easy. Single concave bottom contour from nose to tail to create forward drive and help prevent you from getting caught in the lip of the wave while paddling. Low entry rocker to enable you to catch the smallest of waves and moderate tail rocker which will allow the board to surf those bigger days as well. Gives you the maneuverability of a shortboard while maintaining the paddle power and glide of a longboard. Has a cool bamboo graphic under the fiberglass. Great all around board for a beginner or someone more advanced. 

Shaper: Kelly Greg of KGB surfboards out of Kekaha, Hawaii
Rider: All levels
Wave height: 1ft-6ft
Fin boxes: FCS thruster
Comes with: FCS fins
Needs: Leash 

Dimensions: 7’ 10” x 21” x 2 1/2”
Condition: The board is in great condition for its age. No major pressure dents. Has had a few minor repairs. All repairs were done professionally and guaranteed for craftsmanship as long as you own the board.