7' Quiet Flight

Shred Season

Regular price $275.00

Description: Round tail "fun" board.  Designed to be a bigger shortboard for smaller waves here on the east coast, this board would do a good job getting into those small waves while still being able to hold its own in bigger, steeper stuff.  Slight double concave out the tail to help with drive, and a round tail to produce long "flowy" turns.  This board is a great option for our waves here in Charleston!

Dimensions: 7' x 21 1/2" x 2 5/8". *unknown liters probably around 40-50

Comes With:  Shred Season Fins

Condition:  I'd put this board under the category "pretty good."  Has had 4 repairs, 2 near nose and 2 on back, all fixed up ready to go, and usual pressure dents found on used boards.  Being that this board is probably 10-15 years old I'd say thats not too shabby at all!