7' Single Fin

7' Single Fin

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DESCRIPTION:  Very heavy Puerto Rico pipe styled board.  Has a beautiful wooden single fin glassed in.  There is not much information on this board.  It's not very good board to ride in South Carolina.  We would recommend having this as a classic single fin decoration.  It's hard to tell what the construction is made of.  It has a thick paint on the outside like a pop out, but clearly isn't a pop-out.  Beautiful cream resin used throughout the board.  

COMES WITH:  Glassed in single fin.


CONDITION:  Great condition.  Almost water tight, but it's hard to officially tell with this construction.  Small hole on the tip of the tail and a ding on the side of the tail.  See video to understand.  A little work would need to be done to the tail to be water tight, but remember, we do not encourage buying this board to surf in the south east.  It would make a killer wall hanger!