7'2 Blue Minimal

Shred Season

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Description: The PERFECT surfboard for a beginner looking to expand from the soft top stage and get their first fiberglass board, or a great board for a beginner looking to skip the soft top stage all together.  I say this is the perfect board for beginners not only because of the functional benefits such as stability and buoyancy, but also because it will provide an ideal platform for getting the fundamentals of surfing down such as turning, catching waves, riding style and having fun.  Also, in my experience, a beginner that gets a board that's too long has trouble maneuvering the board with the increased length and weight. While on the other hand, going too short makes the board unstable for a beginner and they will have a difficult time catching waves ending in frustration. Also, if a learner intends to move down to a shortboard, the transition won’t be as jarring if coming from a mid length.  Really the perfect first "real" surfboard for someone that has tested the waters and learned they enjoy surfing and want to improve.     

Shaper: Blue Surfboards 
Rider: Beginner-Intermediate
Wave height: 1ft - 4ft (ankle- chest high)
Fin boxes: Thruster

Comes With: Fins 
Needs: Leash

Dimensions: 7'2 X 22 1/2" X 2 7/8"
Condition: Used condition.  A couple professionally done repairs sanded down well to fit mold of the board so would not change the way the board rides.  See pictures for details.  Also a couple pressure dents commonly found in used boards.