7'2 Gary Wilson KingFish

Shred Season

Regular price $375.00

Description: Not really a fish as much as a swallow tail mid length shortboard. This shape was designed with good waves and bigger dudes in mind with not too much but just enough rocker for steeper waves. It likes to cover ground in long sweeping turns with just enough looseness and pivot to fit in hard top turns. Overall great decision for a board as it paddles and catches waves great but holds a rail in tight on fun bowling sections. Has 5 fin boxes for max versatility and adaptability.

Dimensions:  7ft. 2" x 21.25" x 2.8" 45.3 liters

Comes With:   Thruster fin set up

Condition:  Great condition! Has had one fin box professionally repaired, but other than that no repairs done or needed!  Few signs of pressure dents as well.