7'2 Seasoned Midlength

Shred Season

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Description:  A great midlength surfboard for any level rider!  Would be great for beginners as it will catch waves easily as it is thick and could turn exceptionally well!  This board is maneuverable and would be a great option for the waves of folly beach or isle of palms.  The overall density of this board would make it a great for catching waves and paddling with ease.  A moderate entry rocker and squash tail make this board a great option for maneuvering on smaller waves.  Overall, this board is a great option for someone who is progressing and would like to one day ride a shortboard.  This would be a great board for you to perfect the fundamentals of surfing, and one to keep when the waves get smaller!

Shaper: Seasoned Surfboards, out of Virginia beach.  (Couldn't find much information on this brand but this board was likely shaped in the 90s) 
Rider: Beginner and up 
Wave height: 2ft - 6ft (ankle- head high)
Fin boxes: Thruster

Comes With: Fins
Needs: Leash 

Dimensions:   7'2" X 21 1/2" x 2 3/4"
Condition: This board is in used condition.  Pressure dents on deck but will not affect the performance of board.  Along with this, there are some professionally repaired spots on board however they are very strong and guaranteed for as long as you own it!