7'3 7S SuperFish

Shred Season

Regular price $375.00

Description: A great surfboard for any level rider!  Would be great for beginners as it will catch waves easily, and a good option for more experienced riders to take out when the waves aren't great.  Wider nose, fuller outline up front, and parallel rails create a large stable platform through to middle to generate speed. The tail outline tapers so you can make tighter radius turns when you position your back foot right on the tail. The swallow tail also adds bite especially in smoother conditions.  Single-to-double concave delivers a very consistent and predictable feel, without restricting speed or the ability to transition quickly from rail-to-rail between turns.  The 3 stage rocker is well balanced, with just enough flip in the entry to prevent nose-diving in steeper waves. The flatter mid section maintains forward drive and flow. Moderate curve out the tail presents the opportunity to really jam a nice turn when pushing harder off your back foot. More volume under the chest and extending towards the nose and tail. This provides amazing paddle power so you can get into waves early.  Renowned for its wave catching prowess, this model really does appeal to a wide demographic. It’s the perfect board if you’ve just started turning and you want to progress to the next level of performance. Or maybe you’re getting a little older, you’re struggling on a smaller board, and you want to keep turning. From knee high, to well overhead, the Superfish will keep you coming back for more.

Shaper: 7S surfboards
Rider: Beginner and up 
Wave height: 1ft - 6ft (ankle- head high)
Fin boxes: Thruster

Comes With: Fins
Needs: Leash 

Dimensions:   7'3" X 22" x 3"
Condition: This board is in used condition.  Pressure dents on deck and some on back however, this is common in used boards and will not affect performance of board.  Along with this, there are some professionally repaired spots on board such as on tail, however they are very strong and guaranteed for as long as you own it!