7'3 Joyride Single Fin

Shred Season

Regular price $399.00

Description: Shaped out of Hilton Head island by Joyride surfboards.  This board is a must have for an east coast surfer.  Super thick and evenly distributed foam throughout board makes catching waves and paddling easy even on the smallest of days.  Single concave in nose helps with catching waves as well, while double concave through middle and vee out the tail helps with drive and speed.  A couple other features include swallow tail, helping rider enter wave, soft rails in the nose transitioning to a harder rail in the tail to hold on bigger days.  All around great option for South Carolina waves.

Shaper: Joyride Surfboards out of Hilton Head 

Rider: Beginner - Intermediate 

Wave Height: Ankle-Head

Fin Boxes: Single

Comes With: Shred Season Single Fin

Dimensions: 7'3 x 19 3/4" x 3"

Condition: Great condition! Hardly any signs of usage, with only mild pressure dents.  You're practically getting a brand new board at a used cost.