7'6 Joyride L.C.S

Shred Season

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Description: The new Joyride Low Country Special (L.C.S) is the perfect mid-length board for the low country. Moderate nose rocker to prevent pearling on those steeper days with a deep single concave in the nose to provide easier wave entry. The single concave transitions to a double concave under the front foot to help create forward drive which transitions to vee under the back foot for easier rail to rail transition. This board was designed to cover a wide range of wave sizes and will excel in waves ankle-high to head high with eaze. The outline is similar to the retro eggs of the earlier days of surfing with all of the foam hidden in the middle and the tail as sharp as a razor to allow quick powerful turns. 

Shaper: Dan Brown of Joyride surfboards out of Bluffton, SC
Rider: All riders
Wave height: 2ft-6ft
Fin boxes: Single fin 

Needs: Leash & fin

Dimensions: 7’ 6” x 22” x 2 7/8”
Condition: The board is brand new, never been ridden.