8' Farina Single Fin

Shred Season

Regular price $499.00

Description: 8' single fin handshaped by David Farina in St. Augustine Florida.  Has a floral fabric inlay.  Board had not been ridden much before it was broken in half by surfing big waves.  Was professionally repaired and repair is completely smooth. If it wasn't for line/white spot you wouldn't even be able to tell.  Amazing repair job! Barely any pressure dings.  Board was originally 9' but after break was shortened by a foot.  Overall would be a great beginner - advanced board as it has lower rocker profile making for easy wave catching ability, and soft rails for easy turning.  Awesome board, if it wasn't for the crack would be much more valuable!  

Shaper: David Farina out of St Augustine
Rider: Beginner and up 
Wave height: 1ft - 5ft (ankle- shoulder high)
Fin boxes: Single
Needs: Leash & Fin

Dimensions: 8' x 22 1/4" x 2"
Condition: This board is in great condition! Very slight pressure dings and no other damage besides crack, see description for details.  Repair on board is very strong and guaranteed for as long as you own it!