8' Gary Wilson Happy Ending

Shred Season

Regular price $485.00

Description:  Thus fun log/mini log makes for a great beginner board! Lots of float combined with a flat, even rocker makes it easy to catch waves and very stable. A perfect first surfboard as it is epoxy and much more durable, as well as a generous shape for any rider.   Other characteristics include wide nose for hanging 10, narrow tail for quick maneuvers, and 2+1 fin setup for when you want the board to have more bite!

Dimensions: 8ft. x 22.5" x 3.25" 66 liters

Shaper: Gary Wilson out of Myrtle Beach, SC

Condition: Great condition!  Has needed only one repair and it is fully patched up and ready to hit the water.  The repair is easy to spot as when I was sanding the board down some of the paint got sanded off as well.  This is not detrimental to the board or repair and will likely be unnoticed when covered with wax.  Still highly recommend this board to any rider looking to get their first surfboard!