8'0 Almond R-Series Joy

Shred Season

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8 FEET O' JOY from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.

Description:.  At 8'0 long the R-Series Joy is designed to be the go-to surfboard for all ages and stages. (Appropriate for surfers from 65 lbs to 250 lbs).  The Low-rocker and substantial volume will help you to catch more waves, and get into those waves earlier. Pintail and slight vee (bottom contour) help it turn with ease, even from the middle of the board.  Mid-lengths offer the ability to glide on smaller days, or to get into waves extra early when it’s a little bigger, and the pintail helps this board hold on those bigger steeper days.  The Joy is a safe bet no matter who is asking, would be great for a beginner to learn on, an intermediate surfer looking to perfect their style, or an advanced surfer to take out on mushier smaller days!   .  Also no wax necessary deck pad and made with 100% recyclable materials!


Shaper:  Almond Surfboards

Rider: Beginner-Advanced

Wave Height:  Ankle-Shoulder

Comes With:  9" detachable single fin

Needs: Leash

Dimensions:  8'0" X 22" X 3".  72.2L

Condition:  This board is in really good condition.  Its obviously used as you can see from slight divots on rails, probably from roof racks being too tight, but nothing substantial enough to effect performance.  Also has a couple little chip marks on nose, but totally common on used soft tops and again will not effect performance.