8'0 Secula Single Fin

Shred Season

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Description: 8' Secula Single fin handcrafted in Charleston by local shaper/surfer Tim Jump.  Another all around AWESOME board.  Constructed using Poly foam and Epoxy resin this board is still lightweight, durable, and buoyant while still providing that classic surfboard feel.  Moderate nose rocker makes prevents the from pearling while thickness still ensures the board will catch waves with ease.  Forgiving rounded rails make it maneuverable and shoot down the line then down rail which will still give it the hold in steeper waves.  Double barrel concave to slight vee out the tail make for super easy rail to rail transition.  All around really exceptional board and would be a great addition for anyone from beginner to advanced.

Shaper: Secula Surfboards out of Charleston, South Carolina
Rider: Beginner-Advanced
Wave height: 2ft - 5ft (ankle- Shoulder high)
Fin boxes: Single
Needs: Leash & Fin

Dimensions: 8'0 x 22" x 3"
Condition: This board is brand new