8'3 Secula Mini Log

Shred Season

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Description: Secula mini-log handcrafted in Charleston by local shaper/surfer Tim Jump.  All around AWESOME board for any level surfer.  Constructed using EPS foam and Epoxy resin this board is lightweight, durable, and buoyant.  Low to moderate nose rocker makes the board easy to catch waves with, and sharp rails make it maneuverable and shoot down the line.  Double barrel concave to slight vee out the tail make for super easy rail to rail transition.  Nice rounded into down rail combined with round tail gives this board lots of speed on small days.   Moderate nose rocker as well allows this board to perch up and be noseriden by the right rider despite its size.  All around great board by trusted local shaper with beautiful design on the back!

Shaper: Secula Surfboards out of Charleston, South Carolina
Rider: Beginner-Advanced
Wave height: 1ft - 6ft (ankle- head high)
Fin boxes: Single
Needs: Leash & Fin

Dimensions: 8'3 X 22 1/4" X 3"
Condition: This board is brand new