9’0 Fluid Outlaw

9’0 Fluid Outlaw

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Description: This board is made of epoxy construction which makes it really light and responsive. Anyone looking for a longboard that they can carry to beach without getting worn-out before you get to the water, this board is for you. Comes with fin.

Shaper: Shaped by Fluid Surfboards in Jacksonville, FL.

Shaper Description: The Outlaw is a performance model longboard, not built for noseriding or cruising. If you’re an experienced surfer who likes to hit the lip or pull big roundhouses and floaters, this board’s for you.

This model has a narrow overall template, is relatively thin, and has more rocker than traditional longboards. Combine that with pronounced bottom vee, double concave, and a tri-fin setup (center fin box and two side bites) and you’re drawing your own lines like a true outlaw.

Fin Box: Single

Waves: Knee-high – slightly overhead

Rider: All riders

Needs: Leash

    Dimensions: 9'0"x 17 ½”x 22 ¼”x 14 ½"

    Condition: The board is in great condition. It does NOT have any real physical damage. Some scratches here and there but looks to be in almost new condition. Doesn’t appear to have been ridden very much.