9' 4

9' 4" Michael Dolsey

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SHAPERS DESCRIPTION:  "A machined EPS blank, laminated with fiberglass and epoxy resin. Lite, strong,, in fun and long shapes. Dolsey epoxy surfboards are great looking and worthy performers in small to overhead surf.

Michael Dolsey Designs E-Boards are light and durable, CNC shaped, and hand finished, wave catching machines. These boards can be ridden in small to well overhead surf. We make fun and longboard shapes, in full , wide ,thick templates that catch waves well. The result, Michael Dolsey Designs surfboards that can work well for most level surfers. They are terrific values and will not disappoint.

RIDER: All riders

WAVE SIZE: 1ft - overhead 

COMES WITH:  FCS single fin (Brand new)

NEEDS: Leash

DIMENSIONS:  9'4" x 23.25" x 3.25"   67L

CONDITION: The board is brand new but there are a couple repairs. Both repairs are on the bottom near the back of the board. The manufacture started to put side fin boxes then decided not to follow through so it had to be repaired. (Repairs can be seen in the last few pictures) Both repairs were professionally done and guaranteed for craftsmanship as long as you own the board. The board is water tight ready to ride!