9’6” ROZO MK Model

Shred Season

Regular price $350.00

Description: This is a performance model longboard, the tail have be “pinned out” to allow for maximum traction and control on the wave. This board is of traditional “poly” construction but has a relatively light glass job which makes it pretty light. Anyone looking for a traditional polyurethane longboard that they can carry to beach without getting worn-out before you get to the water, this board is for you.

Has a glassed in single fin.

Shaper: Shaped by ROZO Surfboards in Jacksonville, FL.

Fin Box: Single glassed in

Waves: Knee-high – overhead

Rider: All riders

Needs: Leash

    Dimensions: 9'6"x 18 ½”x 23 ½”x 15 ½ ”

    Condition: The board is in good condition. It has a few professional repairs on one rail and a few small repairs on the bottom. All repairs are guaranteed for craftsmanship for as long as you own the board. It has some scratches on the deck and your typical pressure dings which is normal for a used board.