9’6” Shred Season Plank - New

Shred Season

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SHAPERS DESCRIPTION:  Longboard designs vary and are as complex as any other style out there. Noseriders, performers and general cruisers all require different elements to make them work properly. It’s important to consider your style and the type of surf you want to use your longboard in. They are not just for 1’ summer waves, though they do make those conditions fun, a properly designed log can be fun in the biggest hurricane surf.

This is our classic nose rider model. It has a wider tail to hold water to hold the board steady while you "walk the plank".  This design is catered toward the traditional longboard surfer that knows how to "dance" and walk the board in the classic style. With lower rockers and softer rails this board will give you the hang time you desire.  Works great in any size surf here on the East Coast but especially those glassy mornings we see in the summer.  This would be a good board for a newer surfer that has already gotten comfortable catching waves and standing up.  

DIMENSIONS: 9'6" x 18 5/8" x 23" x 15 3/4" x 3 1/4"