9' WRV

Shred Season

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Description:  A truly classic all around longboard shaped in Virginia beach by Jordan Brazie.  Great board for cruising down the line, noseriding, and catching small mellow waves.  This board would be excellent for a beginner to grow into as there are few limitations even for an experienced rider on this board.  A couple features include low entry rocker making waves easier to catch, nose concave which allows for longer more stylish nose rides, heavy glass job which makes board more durable and easier to catch waves with, and forgiving 50/50 rails for smooth rail to rail transitions.  Overall I think that for a rider looking to take the next step and perfect their longboarding abilities, this would be the board for them.  
Wave Height: Ankle to shoulder
Rider: Beginner to Advanced
Dimensions: 9' x 23" x 2.875"
Condition:  This is a used board for sure.  It's got some larger dings however, they are completely watertight.  As I wrote in description this board is heavily glassed, meaning it is more durable and can stand the test of time longer than other similar boards.  Subtle pressure dings as well, but overall the dings will not affect future performance of the board and still has a lot of life left in the hands of the right rider.