9'2 Maya High Performance Longboard

Shred Season

Regular price $500.00

Description: All around great log good for beginner or intermediate surfer! Plenty of nose rocker and performance shaped nose to allow for a lot of maneuverability out of a longboard as well as to prevent pearling.  Light board for its size because it was made using epoxy resin.  Swallow tail to help rider get into waves, as well as go fast while riding them. Double concave through back of board, overall would be great for someone looking for a fast, maneuverable board on smaller days! 

Shaper: Maya out of Surfside Beach, South Carolina

Rider: Beginner-Intermediate
Wave height: 1ft - 5ft (ankle- shoulder high)
Fin boxes: 5 FCS fin setup, would recommend riding as a quad or thruster 
Needs: Wax

Comes With: Fin and leash

Dimensions: 9'2 X 22 3/4" X 2 1/4"
Condition: Used board, however still PLENTY of life left.  Has a couple professionally done repairs on rails and back side of board, and a couple sanded down suncure repairs, just something to keep an eye on in the future.  Couple pressure dings as well, however nothing too major and board is still 100% watertight and ready to hit waves!